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Ekat Bork

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The Fleece
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Mon 15 May 2017

Ekat Bork is a Siberian force of nature, who studied at the Music Conservatoire in St. Petersburg. Already an established artiste in her now native Switzerland. She brings the magic of her second album “yasDyes” to life with an energetic and dynamic live band, and her own very intimate delivery.

In the land where she was born (43°48′N 131°58′E) tigers, snow leopards and bears lived in the woods. On the coldest days they might roam into the suburbs, scavenging for food. The neighbouring settlements were Uncle Joe’s gulags or outposts of the Russian military machine. Ekat was too young to remember the Soviet Union…

“Because you make me weird.”*

The people Ekat knew made shoes and soap and sugar and repaired locomotives. The oldest cinema in town was called the Grand Illusion. Sometimes, if there was a little money, her mother would take her shopping in China, 35 miles to the west, or she would venture the same distance east to stare out at the ocean towards Japan. Her mother struggled. She lived with her grandmother. She didn’t know her father.


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