Drink Spiking Policy

Due to the recent rise in spiking at venues in Bristol and across the UK. The Fleece has implemented and increased the following measures to create a safer space for customers in our venue.

We would like to assure those concerned that our team are dedicated to ensuring The Fleece is a safe and enjoyable venue to have a night out.

Please talk to us about any concerns you have. We are here to keep you safe!

What to do if you’re worried about yourself or a friend

  • Alert our bar or security staff
  • We will believe you, and we will deal with the situation calmly and professionally
  • We will always replace any drinks you are concerned about
  • We will ensure you are safe as a first priority
  • We will immediately arrange medical assistance if required
  • We will immediately arrange Police assistance if required
  • We will always investigate any incidents on CCTV and report them to the police

What we are doing to keep you safe

  • We are continuously working with Bristol @ night panel, Avon and Somerset Police, Bristol City Centre BID, Nightwatch, and Bristol City Council to shape our policies and make our venue as safe as possible
  • We have first aid-trained staff on-site and currently obtaining all relevant information and training specific to responding to spiking incidents
  • We have cup lids should you require them
  • We have drink testing kits
  • We will always believe you and replace any drink that you are concerned about
  • We will be carrying out regular spot-check searches

We value any feedback you have about your experience at The Fleece and anything you think we could be doing better. Please email us at info@thefleece.co.uk