1. Is the venue accessible?

Yes! The Fleece is keen to promote equality of opportunity for people with disabilities.

For full information please go to our Disability Access page.

The venue is situated on an old cobbled street with pave stone sidewalks, which is some places can be uneven. The entrance to the fleece has a small lip (no higher than 10mm) into the main doorway, after this there are no other steps or lips anywhere in the venue.

In the venue we have a historic flagstone floor which can be uneven in places.

There is one large accessible toilet inside the venue which is open at all times.

Customers who may require medicine or any food, drink or equipment needed to manage a medical condition are welcome to bring them into the venue.

The Fleece is suited for wheelchair access with a dedicated managed disabled area, to the right of the stage.  Although this is not a raised platform the view is unobstructed and gives a clear view of the stage. Please get in contact with us to arrange this. We will allocate these on a first come first served basis.

If you require a place to sit down during the show please speak to the box office, security or bar staff on arrival and they can sort you a bar stool in an area that you are comfortable and have a good view of the stage. Please note that we do have a limited number of stools.

If you require a personal assistant to accompany you to an event at The Fleece, please contact us well in advance of the show, ideally at the time of purchasing a ticket, and we will be happy to arrange this for you. For further information, please visit our disability access page.

If you would like to speak to someone regarding attending an event at The Fleece and wish to discuss your accessibility requirements further to make your night run smoothly please email us via our contact us page.

2. Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets cannot be purchased directly over the phone from the venue. All tickets should be purchased through our website or with our recognised ticket providers: Eventbrite.

Alternatively, if you require information on your purchases, dispatch and any other ticket enquires then please visit: www.eventbrite.co.uk.

Tickets purchased for box office collection will be available at the venue box office from the time doors open on the day of the show only and not in advance. To gain admission you will need a copy of your order confirmation and a valid ID.

Beware of secondary ticket sellers. Fraudulent tickets such as cancelled and duplicated tickets can be sold on the secondary market. We are unable to help with any problems arising from the purchase of secondary tickets.

3. What if I can't print my ticket?

No problem. You can show your ticket confirmation email on your phone on arrival.

4. What if a gig is sold out?

Sold out means sold out. Venues never “hold tickets back for the door”.  If a gig is advertised as sold out please don’t contact the venue asking if we have any returns, because we don’t sell any tickets direct. All tickets are sold through our ticketing partner Eventbrite and they have a no refund policy.

5. What time does the band / artist come on?

Exact stage times are often decided on the day of the show so we don’t advertise them in advance.  As soon as we get stage times we usually update the event on our website and the facebook event. As a general rule of thumb, if doors open at 7 pm or 7.30 pm you should expect the headline band/ artist to go on somewhere between 8pm and 9pm. Support bands usually go on within 30 mins of doors opening.

6. What time will the show end?

We generally aim to wrap up Sunday and midweek shows by 11pm as we understand people need to travel home/get up early for work, however it is possible for shows to run over either for technical reasons or at the discretion of the band and their management. A ‘drinking up’ period for attendees to finish their drinks/buy merchandise is always allowed and depending on demand, the bar may remain open post show (this is at the managements discretion).

Friday & Saturday shows generally finish at 10:30 pm to make way for the club nights that follow. We will post running times on our Facebook/Twitter where possible.

7. Where is The Fleece?


The Fleece, 12 St Thomas Street, Bristol, BS1 6JJ

8. Are You In The Clean Air Zone?

Starting from 28th November 2022, Bristol City implemented a clean air zone, within which The Fleece is located. As part of this initiative, a daily charge of £9 is applicable for pre-2006 petrol vehicles and pre-2015 diesel vehicles.

If you are uncertain whether your vehicle complies with the regulations or if you would like to obtain further information about the clean air zone, please use the following link to check: https://www.gov.uk/clean-air-zones

9. Where can I park?

Street parking is available immediately outside the venue and in the surrounding streets. There is plenty of parking available so you will never have to park more than a couple of minutes walk away.

Parking charges:

8am – 6pm
£6 for up to 2 hours (maximum stay)
Available in 50p / 10 minute increments

6pm to midnight
£4 for any period

6pm to 9am next day
£5 for any period
Available before midnight only

Bank Holidays have charges

If you would prefer to park in a secure car park, the nearest multi-storey is located 0.4 miles away on Queen Charlotte St (off Baldwin St). Or alternatively, Cabot Circus car park which is located 0.7 miles from the venue.

If you need parking with charging points for electric vehicles please use the link below and enter the venue postcode – BS1 6JJ

Find your nearest charge point

10. Where is the nearest hotel?

The nearest hotels are the Travelodge on Mitchell Lane or the Premier Inn at Finzels Reach, both of which are only a 2 minute walk from the venue. Other nearby hotels include the Novotel (Victoria St), the Hilton (Temple Way), the Mercure (Redcliffe Way) and the Premier Inn (King St). For those travelling by train, there is also the Ibis (Avon St), located just a 2 minute walk from Temple Meads.

For more info on Bristol Travelodges please go here:

11. How do I get to The Fleece via public transport?

We are located just a short 0.5 miles walk from the city centre (The Galleries), a 0.5 miles walk from Temple Meads train station and a 0.7 miles walk from Bristol Bus Station, which can be accessed through the city centre.

The closest bus stop to us is 80 meters away on Victoria Street, most route buses can be accessed here.

12. Do you have a cloak room?

Yes, it is situated along the corridor just past the gents toilets where you can store your bag or coat, while you enjoy your night. The charge is £2 per item.

Please note the cloakroom is not suitable for large backpacking rucksacks or suitcases, avoid bringing them with you.

13. Do you accept debit cards/credit cards?

Yes, we do accept debit and credit cards at our bars, with a minimum spend of £5 per transaction. We also now accept card payment for tickets on the door.

14. Can I hire The Fleece?

Yes, The Fleece is available for private hire. For more information please go to our venue hire page.

15. How can I play at The Fleece?

The Fleece hosts a number of local events throughout the year, open to all ages and genres, from seated acoustic events to sweaty metal shows (and everything in between). Our regional events team has over ten years’ experience putting on shows in Bristol, and with our touring-grade PA, lighting and monitoring, the Fleece offers an insight into what it’s like to play on the UK tour circuit.

The Fleece is a 450-capacity national touring venue and we have a large waiting list, so we have to be selective with the bands we work with. All new acts must go through our “Scouting Session” route, where we can assess your suitability for our shows. Those that impress us will be put forward for our bigger weekend dates and tour support slots throughout the year.

To be added to the waiting list for the next Scouting Session event, please fill out our local band application form: https://forms.gle/C5CBxHq3SX4ZbuXk9

Please note: We do not take band bookings over the phone or via Facebook. Please do not attach large files when sending emails. Weblinks to Soundcloud, Facebook or online press packs are fine.  If you are an unsigned band from 100 miles away and have no pull in the Bristol area we will not be able to book you. Please do not add us to your mailing list, or send us tour packages.

16. How do I get a job at The Fleece?

If you are interested in working as bar staff for The Fleece and are aged 18 or over, please email a CV to hayley@thefleece.co.uk

If you are interested in working with the promotions or office team and are aged 18 or over, please email a CV to info@thefleece.co.uk.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any work experience places at this time.

17. What are your policies?

All our policies can be found here: https://thefleece.co.uk/policies/

18. What is your drug policy?

In line with Bristol Nights Harm Reduction Policy, The Fleece takes a human-centred approach around drug taking. We will continue to work within the law and will be conducting random drug searches upon entry. This may result in the confiscation of the prohibited item and entry to the venue refused.

Our security team also reserve the right to search anyone who is considered to be under the influence of drugs after entering the venue. This again may result in confiscation of the prohibited substance and ejection from the venue.

However, as a venue, we have a duty of care to all patrons and we will ensure anyone removed from the venue is done so with care and consideration. We will ensure to monitor any vulnerable customers onsite until we feel they can safely go home.

19. What is your drink spiking policy ?

Due to the recent rise in drink spiking at venues in Bristol and across the UK. The Fleece has implemented and increased measures to create a safer space for customers in our venue.

We would like to assure those concerned that our team are dedicated to ensuring The Fleece is a safe and enjoyable venue to have a night out.

Please talk to us about any concerns you have. We are here to keep you safe!

What to do if you’re worried about yourself or a friend:

Alert our bar or security staff
We will believe you, and we will deal with the situation calmly and professionally
We will always replace any drinks you are concerned about
We will ensure you are safe as a first priority
We will immediately arrange medical assistance if required
We will immediately arrange Police assistance if required
We will always investigate any incidents on CCTV and report them to the police

What we are doing to keep you safe:

We are working with Bristol Nights, Avon and Somerset Police, Bristol City Centre BID, Nightwatch, and Bristol City Council to shape our policies and make our venue as safe as possible
We have first aid-trained staff on-site and currently obtaining all relevant information and training specific to responding to spiking incidents
We have cup lids should you require them
We have drink testing kits
We will always believe you and replace any drink that you are concerned about
We will be carrying out regular spot-check searches

We value any feedback you have about your experience at the Fleece and anything you think we could be doing better. Please email us at info@thefleece.co.uk

20. What is your harassment policy?

At The Fleece, we are committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all patrons, performers, and staff. We take any form of harassment seriously and have implemented a comprehensive reporting procedure to address such incidents promptly and effectively. We encourage everyone to report any incidents of harassment, discrimination, or misconduct that they witness or experience. This procedure aims to ensure that all reports are handled with confidentiality, sensitivity, and respect.

Please follow the steps outlined below if you need to report an incident:

Identify the Incident: If you witness or experience harassment or any form of misconduct, it is important to clearly identify the incident. Harassment can include but is not limited to verbal abuse, physical intimidation, unwelcome advances, offensive comments or gestures, discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other protected characteristic.

Find a Safe Space: If you feel threatened or unsafe, find a safe place within the venue and seek assistance from a member of the venue staff. Your safety and well-being are our top priority.

Report to Venue Staff: Locate a member of our venue staff, such as a security guard, bartender, they are trained to handle such incidents and will take your report seriously. Provide them with a clear and detailed account of the incident, including the date, time, location, individuals involved, and any witnesses present.

Confidentiality and Support: The venue staff will treat your report with the utmost confidentiality. They will provide you with support and listen to your concerns empathetically. They may ask you questions to gather more information, but your privacy and well-being will be respected throughout the process.

Investigation: If you wish the venue management will conduct a thorough investigation into the reported incident. This may involve interviewing witnesses, reviewing any available evidence such as CCTV footage, and gathering additional information as needed. The investigation will be handled promptly, respecting the rights of all parties involved.

Disciplinary Actions: If the investigation concludes that harassment or misconduct has occurred, appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken. These actions can range from warnings and retraining to temporary or permanent bans from the venue, depending on the severity of the offence.

Follow-Up: After the investigation and any disciplinary actions, the venue staff will follow up with you to ensure your satisfaction with the outcome and to provide any additional support you may need. Your feedback is crucial in helping us continually improve our procedures and maintain a safe environment.


Ask for Angela:
We have implemented the “Ask for Angela” policy in the ladies’ and gender-neutral restrooms, following the guidelines and agenda of this initiative.

Bystander Intervention:
In our effort to promote a safe environment, we have also displayed bystander intervention posters in the men’s restrooms.
These posters encourage males to speak out against or report harassment incidents to security.

At The Fleece, we are dedicated to fostering a safe and inclusive environment for everyone. By adhering to this harassment policy and working together, we can ensure that all individuals feel respected and protected within our venue.

21. What is your customer policy?

Current licensing laws are strictly enforced

Management reserves the right to refuse admission, and customers may be subject to a search on entry.

Ticket holders may be subject to search – any person found in possession of weapons or controlled substances of any description will be refused entry and/or the items seized will be logged and handed over to the Police.

All tickets are non refundable unless a show is cancelled or rescheduled, please contact your place of purchase if this occurs.

Ticket holders consent to any filming and sound recordings as members of the audience

Ticket holders may be subject to continuous sound levels which may cause potential damage to hearing.

Ticket holders may be exposed to strobe lights, if you have any queries of the show you are attending about this please get in touch at info@thefleece.co.uk

The management can not be held responsible for lost or stolen tickets.

A no re-admission policy is strictly enforced.

No professional type audio/visual or any digital recording equipment will be allowed into the venue unless gained permission/access.

No bottles, cans, alcohol or food is to be brought into the venue.

Strictly no smoking or vaping in the venue, there is a large space outside of the venue for customers to smoke/vape.

Crowd surfing is strictly prohibited; anyone caught doing so will be ejected from the venue and will be out for the duration of the gig.

No entry fees will be refunded following ejection or refused entry.

Any person found throwing drinks in the venue will be removed from the premises without refund and may be liable for damages caused to equipment.

22. What are your admission, refusals & ejections policies?

In accordance with licensing laws, the venue has the right to refuse admission without providing a reason.

If you have consumed alcohol prior to arrival & appear to be in an intoxicated state or behave inappropriately in the queue or in view of the venue staff you may be refused entry without a refund.

Crowd surfing and the throwing of drinks are strictly prohibited in the venue and those who do this will be ejected without a refund.

23. Is The Fleece a safe space?

Yes, The Fleece is a venue for people to enjoy music without fear of harassment or discrimination. We welcome diversity in our audience and actively work to create a safe space for everyone present; in return, we ask that you respect these values and each other.

For further details on our safety policies, please review our drink spiking policy here: Drink Spiking Policy and our harassment policy here: Harassment Policy

24. Is my mobile phone safe?

All customers should be aware that in recent years mobile phone theft on entertainment and licensed premises around the country has been on the increase. In order to minimise the chance of this happening to you when in The Fleece, please follow this advice:

Keep your phone close by at all times
Never leave it on a table
Use the cloakroom for coats and bags
Avoid putting it in back pockets or side pockets where possible
Keep your handbag closed at all times and never leave it on the floor or under a table
Use “Find My Phone Apps” on smartphones and tablets
Register your phone at www.immobilise.com
Lock the keypad using a PIN number or pattern code
Tell any member of staff or security if you see anyone acting suspiciously

If you find your phone has gone missing:

Tell any member of staff or security in the venue as soon as you realise
Send an email to see if it’s been handed in via our contact us page

25. Can I take photos?

We kindly request your cooperation with these photography guidelines at The Fleece to ensure an enjoyable experience for performers and customers.

Firstly, please refrain from using flash photography during the show Flash photography can be disruptive and distracting to both the performers and audience members.

Additionally, we also request that you limit your photography to the first three songs of the concert.

26. What are your age restrictions?

All shows at The Fleece (excluding club nights and unless otherwise stated) are ALL AGES, however, under 16s must be accompanied by an adult and leave by midnight. All club nights are strictly over 18s only.

27. What is your ID policy?

The Fleece follows the think 25 drink policy, if you are lucky enough to need ID we accept any of the following:

* Current (within shown expiry date) photographic driving licences or provisional licences and date of birth (all nationalities)

* N.I. electoral ID cards (accepted in Northern Ireland)

* Military IDs with a photo and date of birth (UK only)

We DO NOT accept Cards with a PASS logo (hologram below) such as Citizen, Connexions, Validate or Young Scot.

If you do not have a valid form of accepted ID you can still come to the gig but as a condition of entry, you will need to wear an under 18 wristband for the entire show. 

For club nights you will need one of these ID’s and entry will be denied if you are unable to provide one.

28. Do I need to bring ID with me?

Yes, all customers who look under the age of 25 will be required to provide ID when purchasing alcohol.

If you are under 18 you are committing a criminal offence if you attempt to buy alcohol and you may be ejected without a refund or held until a responsible adult can come and collect you.

People over the age of 18 found purchasing drinks for those not of legal age will be ejected without a refund.

Only acceptable forms of proof are accepted. These are listed in the ID policy.

29. Who can I speak to regarding lost property?

If you have lost items or left them in the cloakroom please email us via our contact us page with a description of the missing item, date of the show, contact details and any other relevant information. We will check and if the item can be located will be in contact to arrange for you to collect the item.

We keep items for a maximum of two months, after this period they are passed to local charity shops. Valuable items may be held for a longer period.

Items such as passports and ID’s etc. are handed to the relevant authorities if not collected within the time frame. (this does not include any confiscated IDs)

30. Where can I make a complaint?

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible and we will try our best to resolve the situation. You can contact us via info@thefleece.co.uk, please give as much information as possible.